I am learning how to use git bash for Windows and I want to start writing scripts to automate some of the git tasks I do. But where should I store the .sh files so that I can call them from any directory in git bash? Is there a standard directory they should be saved in?

At the minute I have to include a path to where the .sh file is. What I want is that when I am in git bash I can call the script just like I would any git command i.e. without a path.

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You could edit your Path environment variable to include the folder to your scripts. Start --> Right click Computer --> Properties --> Advanced System Settings --> Environment Variables.

It is a System variable on Windows 7; separate each path with a semicolon.

After that, reload the command prompt and it should work.


You can run them from anywhere that the script has permissions to. I typically put my scripts in 'c:\scripts'.


Save it into the folder $HOME/bin.

If the script uses the extension .sh and you want to avoid typing the .sh everytime; you have a few options:

  1. Easy option is to add an alias in your $HOME/.bashrc like below

    alias mycmd='$HOME/mycmd.sh'
  2. Another option is to rename the file and just remove the .sh extension (not recommended) this could break some scripts depending on that command.

  3. Another option is to add a symbolic link.

    NOTE: You have to enable symbolic links during the installation.

    enter image description here

That's all.

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