My Windows 10 machine sometimes denies me access to folders. (Screenshot below.) I don't understand why because according to Properties > Security I have "full control."

I tried clicking "Edit" as indicated, and also "Advanced." I also tried Properties > Read-only (uncheck & apply to contents). No matter what settings I apply, the folder remains denied.

How can I make it so I use the folder normally?

Is there a command I can run as Administrator that will fix the folder?

enter image description here

I tried running this tool on Microsoft's support site. It reported that it found and fixed problems, but had no apparent effect.


Assume your folder path is C:\Folder. To allow all permissions for current user, run these commands as administrator:

Takeown /F "C:\Folder" /R /D Y 
Icacls "C:\Folder" /grant %USERNAME%:(OI)(CI)F /T 

To allow only read and write permission, run these commands as administrator:

Takeown /F "C:\Folder" /R /D Y 
Icacls "C:\Folder" /grant %USERNAME%:(RD,WD,AD) /T 

To get further information read takeown and icacls command details from Microsoft Docs.

  • Thanks. takeown returned "SUCCESS" messages for everything in the dir, but icalcs errored out "Access is denied". I checked the docs you linked & tried running it with /c (among many other things). When I did that it returned a separate "Access is denied" for each subdir. How is it possible to be denied access if I'm logged in as Administrator? Is there a level of authority greater than Admin in Windows? Any other things I could try?
    – Nafine
    Feb 22 '19 at 14:46
  • @Nafine Do not log in as administrator. Log in as a normal user. Try to replace %USERNAME% with Everyone (if you want) for both pair. Then run with %USERNAME%.
    – Biswapriyo
    Feb 22 '19 at 17:39

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