There is a website that occasionally stupidly redirects with HTTP Status 301 (“Moved Permanently”) its login page to a “maintenance” page.

I tried to visit this page while the redirection was effective, so Firefox cached it. Now, the redirection is not effective anymore, but, when I want to visit the login page, Firefox sees the cached redirection and immediately shows me the “maintenance” page…

I checked the about:cache page and could check that the redirection was indeed cached. I hoped there would be a button to remove that cache entry, but did not find it.

I know I can clean the whole cached web content, but that sounds overkill.

I also know I can use the “forget about this site” feature from the history, but it would also forget the remembered credentials, which is somewhat troublesome.

So is there I can purge this specific cache entry?

(No need to tell me that the webmaster is a moron who does not understand the difference between temporary and permanent redirects, I know…)


Found this reference that I believe may help. Scroll to middle where it goes over the steps for FireFox specifically.


Basically: 'Open your Mozilla Firefox web browser and then open its Options. Select Privacy & Security next. Here under Cookies and Site Data press the Manage Data button to open the following panel.' Here you'll be able to remove cookies and data for specific domains.

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    Unfortunately, no, it does not seem to help. The cached pages (and cached redirections) are not cookies or site data. Thanks anyway for your help. – user2233709 Feb 21 '19 at 22:13

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