I have tried to improve my mother's old HP computer (with Pentium Dual-Core E5300 2.6GHz) by increasing the RAM in the memory slots.

It has a maximum memory of 4GB so I bought two DDR3 memory modules of 2GB each, having read that it is best to ensure that the modules are the same.

There are only two slots on the motherboard.

However, when I analyse the motherboard using SiSoftware's Sandra diagnostic tool it informs me that there are three memory banks (see screengrab).

These are listed as:

Bank #0 2GB DIMM DDR3 3-6-6-15 3-21-10-8 2T
Bank #4 1GB DIMM DDR3 3-6-6-15 3-21-10-8 2T
Bank #5 1GB DIMM DDR3 3-6-6-15 3-21-10-8 2T

Why is this? Does it mean that one of the memory modules is being read as occupying both banks #4 and #5? Or is it that there is some RAM integrated somewhere in the motherboard, not in a slot, that is maxxing out the motherboard's memory capacity?

Either way, what is the best configuration for me to have? I also have a 1GB DDR module that I could swap for one of the 2GB ones if that would somehow be better.

Thank you very much in advance.

Screengrab of Sandra diagnostic of motherboard memory slots

  • That report from Sandra is when the new memory is connected, or not? – music2myear Feb 21 at 22:50
  • What Operating System? 32 or 64 bit? – Moab Feb 21 at 23:17
  • use cpu-z and report on what it says – cybernard Feb 21 at 23:20

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