i want to copy the datas one excel to another excel particular worksheet Source Excel Contains 2 worksheets and target excel contains multiple sheets in that i need to copy the data specified worksheet. and i need to create each row is different targeted workbooks. anyone possible to help in vba

Sl No   Order No    X           Y    Copy the another excel Tab Name Source xl path   Dest xl Path
  1      123456     897456   654789     ABCDEFGH                    C:\        C:\Test|
  2      456789     123456   654321     IJKLMNOP                    C:\        C:\Test|
  • Workbooks("DestinationName").Sheets("DestinationSheet").Range("A1").Value = Workbooks("SourceName").Sheets("SourceSheet").Range("A1").Value. The ranges may be multi-cell (for example, Range("A1:K3")), but the sizes must be equal. – Akina Feb 22 at 5:28
  • @Akina,, post this code as answer rather than Comment, will help the community!! – Rajesh S Feb 22 at 5:43
  • #Shriharsha, I think your post needs some modifications since it's not clear about the destination. Once you have written Worksheet then Workbook !! – Rajesh S Feb 22 at 5:46
  • @RajeshS This comment is too obvious to be helpful. Besides, I'm not sure I understood the author correctly, and this comment will help him. – Akina Feb 22 at 5:51
  • @Akina I want to copy source workbook Cell value ws.cells(i , 3) and ws.cells(i, 4) completely in to destination excel B2& B3 (in the paste special values) – Shriharsha Hunsur Feb 22 at 6:21

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