If I click on its browser window or playlist window before minimizing, the "space" hotkey does not pause it when I click on it again in the taskbar and press the "space" hotkey. It only works when I clicked on the main PotPlayer window prior to minimizing it.


You can assign a hotkey to pause/play globally, regardless of the open window and it works everywhere. Whether that is a solution to your problem is up to you, since there is no option to assign hotkeys that work only in PotPlayer windows (either the main player or playlist window).

For a global hotkey, in preferences (F5), go to General > Keyboard. Add a hotkey (for example, Ctrl + space), assigning it to playback: play/pause. Make sure that you check global (as in the picture below).

Global hotkey for playback in PotPlayer

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    Thank you! For some reason, I didn't check global hotkey because I thought it was a button to simply select it, rather than a config option. – CreativiTimothy Mar 10 '19 at 20:06

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