I have an HP laptop with Intel HD 5500 graphics and dedicated Radeon R5 M330. By default 2D is rendered by Intel HD and 3D is rendered by Radeon. The laptop has switchable graphics enabled and there is no setting to disable it.

I want to completely stop using Intel HD and use the dedicated card for everything. I tried disabling Intel HD in device manager, but after doing that, the monitor starts using "Microsoft Basic Display Driver" and it still uses the processor for 2D rendering instead of the graphics card. It also doesn't show this Basic Display Driver in task manager nor in device manager. This driver is only shown in display settings.

How do I use my graphics card for rendering everything? I have the latest drivers and Win10.

  • You cannot, in the early days of dual graphics you could easily do it in the bios, but was soon removed by all pc makers for some reason. That being said, go to this link and scroll down to an answer by scalagos0123.....dell.com/community/Laptops-General-Read-Only/… – Moab Feb 23 at 13:22

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