I am running Linux Mint 17.3 and I am a little bit confused with some network terminology. The output of the ifcongif is as follows:

eth0      Link encap:Ethernet ...

and the output from tcpdump --list-interfaces is:

1.bluetooth0 (Bluetooth adapter number 0)

So actually it appears that the eth0-interface is using the bluetooth-technology to contact with the modem. or?

As far as I know the bluetooth-technology has been used for wireless connections but not for wired ones and the ethernet-technology has been used for cable (wired) connections.

Does my network card is using both technologies simultaneously?

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according to wikipedia ethernet is this:

Ethernet divide a stream of data into shorter pieces called frames. Each frame contains source and destination addresses, and error-checking data so that damaged frames can be detected and discarded; most often, higher-layer protocols trigger retransmission of lost frames. As per the OSI model, Ethernet provides services up to and including the data link layer.[4] Features such as the 48-bit MAC address and Ethernet frame format have influenced other networking protocols including Wi-Fi wireless networking technology

So the Ethernet protocol/frame part of any network communication. It doesn't matter if it is wired or wireless.


I found the answer. The problem is that when you run the command 'tcpdump --list-interfaces' the output you receive will be '1.bluetooth0 (Bluetooth adapter number 0)'.

But actually this is only the one of all network interfaces you have on your Linux-Mint machine.

To receive the full list of all network interfaces you should run 'tcpdump --list-interfaces' as a root user. So the correct command should be 'sudo tcpdump --list-interfaces' and ... voila!

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