Bit desperate because I already posted to 2 microsoft official forums with hardly any views... :(

Here's my sad story...

For optimalisation reasons I generated and copied links to particular OneNote 2016 pages (Office 365 - Win7 64bit), which I use frequently.

They are in the format "onenote: / NAME OF PAGE / plenty of random hash numbers / location on hard drive".

I put them on my HDD (desktop) in new shortcut files, and assigned a hotkey to each as is standard Windows feature.

This works just as designed, except for a major obstacle: each time I use the link (any which way I use it, by hotkey or clicking or etc), I get an MS Office OneNote Security Warning "Microsoft Office has identified a potential security concern / Hyperlinks can be harmful...", which I need to click yes to.

Of course the whole point of the shortcut was to have immediate access to the page, not having to click the popup away.

I tried to look for the "Check Microsoft Office documents that are from or link to suspicious Web sites." option in OneNote TrustCenter - there isn't anything remotely similar in mine.

I tried the registry option of DisableHyperlinkWarning 1, in fact I already had that, in Common\Security for Office "16.0".

Also tried new key (not dword, as per instruction) "onenote:" in

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Security\Trusted Protocols\All Applications

So I pretty much ran out of options, I would be really grateful for a fix.

  • +1 for a sad story – djsmiley2k Feb 23 at 22:43
  • Hey, between my 5 posts on this in different technical forums, this is the first response. :-) – JamesGordon55 Feb 24 at 4:32
  • You've done all the right things so far - tried things, researched, eventually someone might be able to help you, don't give up!. – djsmiley2k Feb 24 at 11:07

Had the same problem. A workaround I use now, is using the (seriously underpowered) Win10 version of OneNote for shortcuts (you can pin a page onto the Win10 Start Menu).

I still mostly use OneNote 2016 for extensive editing but for shortcuts it opens Win10 version. It's not ideal but acceptable for quick look-up of reference info.

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