I am new to home networking. I laid Cat6 cable through my house. When I use a cable tester (NS-468 from Micro Center), the master will show numbers 1-8 light up in sequence, but the remote will show numbers 8-1 light up in sequence. So, the remote is counting down instead of counting up. I cannot get any of the cables to work.

I made the cable myself, and I followed the T568B protocol.

Can you determine from my description what I might have done wrong?  What should I do to diagnose this problem?

  • I am going to assume, you made the cable, if that is the case. That is very important information which should be in the body of the question. – Ramhound Feb 24 '19 at 20:46
  • Edited. Thanks. Hopefully my edit will elicit some responses. – user1001915 Feb 24 '19 at 20:49
  • Do you want to imply that feeding a signal to the yellow pair (1-2) somehow comes out as signal on the brown pair (7-8) at the other end? – Hagen von Eitzen Feb 24 '19 at 21:14

It seems that perhaps you took the idea of "1:1 through cabling" too literally: You connected in mirror symmetry as if the wires ran though in a parallel band. Instead, on both sides, the same pin should receive the same wire. For example, viewing the socket1 from outside with the "nose" thing on top and the contacts at the bottom, pin 1 is the rightmost and should receive the orange-white wire, pin 2 the orang wire, etc. (if you use the B standard) -- and this holds for both ends.

1 Here I assume you are wiring socket to socket with the intend of adding patch cables at the end. However, the same argument applies with left-right switched for a plug to plug cable you make.

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