I have an Office 365 subscription for personal use with two users in it. One user is for me, let's call that account todd@example.com. The other user is for my writing partner, let's call that account jane@example.com.

We have Word documents stored in Sharepoint Online, and I cannot edit them in Word on my Mac because of a very strange problem.

Whether I log on with my todd@example.com account on the Office portal web site and then try to "Open in Word", or if I open Word on my computer first, then log on to Word using my todd@example.com account and then try to open a Word document from Sharepoint Online, I have the same problem.

The problem is, when I go to open the document by either method, I am prompted to log on to Office 365 in a little window, but the prompt is to log on as jane@example.com, not todd@example.com. If I click "use another account" and enter todd@example.com and my password, it just prompts me again and again suggests I log on as jane@example.com, even though I'm already logged on as todd@example.com.

Things I've tried:

  • Clearing everything Office, Microsoft, or Word related from the keychain, including a bunch of random entries that I was directed to by a Microsoft support document.
  • Completely uninstalling all Office apps, removing all Office support files in the Library, etc. (again, as detailed by a Microsoft support document). Then making sure the keychain is clear, then rebooting and re-installing Office and logging into everything from scratch. It still remembers jane@example.com.
  • Checking for any stored passwords in Safari or Chrome (the only browser I use - I never store passwords in a browser so there were none).
  • Making sure nothing on this computer is logged in to Office 365.
  • Doing hours of web searches trying to find any documentation on this problem.

How can I remove this cached (?) account so I can use Word to open Sharepoint Online documents again?

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