I am facing problem of connecting to Mysql Server 8.0.15 even though I have upgraded everything from 8.0.13 to 8.0.14 and to 8.015. Furthermore, I have deleted, using Administrator's right all the server folder inside C:\ProgramData\MySQL and now only left with the copy of 8.0.15.

So, I am stumped that when I run my usual connectivity to MySQL 8.0.15 server using MySQL workbench, the console is showing server 8.0.14.

In addition, I have also removed the services in Windows 10 by using sc delete MySQLserviceName.

I hope someone can tell me how to let MySQLWorkbench know it is supposed to connect with MySQL server 8.0.15 and not the deleted ones.



Are you sure there is no remaining mysqld process running? If you connect trough terminal, and execute:


What is the response?

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