I have a huge list of numbers such as 123456 that I have to change into: ,'123456'. How can I do this in word or excel?


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    What's the ultimate goal? Are you trying to create a list of strings? For instance you have these numbers in a list (backslash means next row) 123 / 2345 / 2918 / .... In the end, are you trying to put all these in a single list, '123', '2345', '2918', ...? – BruceWayne Feb 28 at 15:20

Ctrl+h does the trick. Is built in in excel and word.

In Excel you can e.g. mark only one column or one row and do then your replacement with Ctrl+h . That way you keep other columns/ rows untouched.

  • Do you mean Ctrl+H? – Scott Feb 28 at 15:21

Let's assume that you have a long column of these numbers in column A of an Excel worksheet, starting with cell A1.

In cell B1, enter =",'"&A1&"'"

Then autofill down: select cell B1, hover over the square that appears at the bottom-right corner of the cell, and double-click. (If you have any gaps in the column of numbers, you may need to drag down on the square instead.)

Now right-click on the column heading and choose Copy, then right-click again and choose Paste Values.


just use the find and replace function that is built into excel.

  • you may have to play around with the custom format option, to enable excel to have a quotation (') mark at the beginning of the number – jimbob Feb 28 at 14:58

With data like:

enter image description here

Select the cells you wish to change and run this short VBA macro:

Sub FixData()
    Dim r As Range

    For Each r In Selection
        r.Value = ",'" & r.Value & "'"
    Next r
End Sub

Which will produce:

enter image description here

Each cell gets a prefix of comma quote and a suffix of quote.

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