I've recently started using the Notepad++ "Clickable Link" feature (found under Settings/Preferences/Misc/"Clickable Link Settings"). It works great.

But, I cannot get it to work with files that have spaces in the names.

This works fine:


However, if the file has a space in the name, the link does not work: it is highlighted with an underline, but clicking on it does nothing. No error, just nothing happens at all.


Is there some different technique I can use for handling spaces?


Harrymc is correct that you need triple-slashes for links with the %20 syntax to work.

Additionally, according to this Notepad++ discussion at SourceForge, spaces must be replaced with %20.

To be complete about hyperlinks :

•Begin with the string file:///

•Change, in the absolute path of the file, all back-slashes (\) by regular slashes (/)

•Any character in Space ! $ ' ; [ ] ^ `` { } ~, must be replaced with, respectively, %20 %21 %24 %27 %3B %5B %5D %5E %60 %7B %7D %7E

•Any character > 0x7F must be replaced by its hexadecimal code %nn, between %80 and %ff

I don't see any other way to get embedded spaces to work.


I believe that the syntax for file protocol is three slashes for local files and two slashes for remote, as follows:

Local: file:///C:\My%20File.txt
Remote: file://server/path/file.ext

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