I´ve been struggling with this problem for a while now, when I command my computer to shutdown, sleep or hibernate it does not. I´ve tried: Updating windows, updating drivers, changing power plans. All failures.

Now I will show my event log, I do not fully understand it, so if anyone could help me find the problem I will appreciate that. I put it upside down for clarity.


Information 1/03/2019 8:00:46 a. m. Kernel-Power 187 (243)

The user mode process attempted to change the state of the system by calling the SetSuspendState or SetSystemPowerState APIs.

Information 1/03/2019 8:00:52 a. m. Kernel-Power 42 (64)

The system is going into suspension. Reason for suspension: Application API

Information 1/03/2019 8:00:54 a. m. Kernel-Power 107 (102)

The system resumed from the suspended state.

Error 1/03/2019 8:00:54 a. m. Kernel-Power 137 None

The system firmware changed the registers of the processor memory type range (MTRR) during a suspension state transition (S5). This can reduce the performance of the resume.

I believe the last error is when I force shutdown my PC, basically I select hibernation and then when the PC does not reduce the power (only monitor is turn off) I force shutdown, in this way I am able to pick it up how I left it. Any question or if you required more information just let me know.

OS: Win10 pro 1809 Mobo: Asrock H310

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    Is it able to reboot without issue, or is it the same thing with that too? – n8te Mar 2 at 5:43
  • May I ask, how can I get these logs...? – DxTx Mar 2 at 7:41
  • Try this command: shutdown -s -t 0 -f – DxTx Mar 2 at 7:42
  • Hi, yes I can reboot, but is a weird reboot, the PC turns off for about 3 sec before turning on again. The logs can be found in the event viewer, just typing Event in the start. Yes, I also tried the force shutdown with that command, did not worked. – Juan Esteban Ladron De Guevara Mar 2 at 15:04
  • Have you checked the BIOS for whether S3 is enabled? – shawn Mar 2 at 15:50

Fixed for me.

I was experiencing the same problem (also running an ASRock MB, interestingly). I tried the command shutdown -s -t 0 -f , which shut down my PC. I left it overnight and after rebooting, my PC will now sleep normally.

  • Hi, I tried that again, but it was the same, the computer appeared to shutdown yet the lights, fants, etc where still on. Then after rebooting I tried to use sleep with no success. – Juan Esteban Ladron De Guevara Mar 8 at 13:35

The problem was fixed by accident. I upgraded my RAM, so I unplogged the computer, when I hibernate it again it did it succesfully, so whatever is was, was not stopped by forcing shutdown, but when unplogged. Thanks for your answers, I hope this works for anyone else with this problem.

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