I am using Notepad - the standard plain old plain old in Windows 10 Home 64.

I had been typing up some notes and one of my sentences was not correct - I accidentally pasted some text over what I was typing in: So I was typing this: DISPLAY and CREATE and EDIT Some large paragraph of text that I had copied previously got inserted over top of my writing (basically a snippet of just text). I had my text hilited (I think) . I went to Ctrl-Z to undo and as I was doing that somehow my big fingers hit more than one key and I ended up with the CURRENT date and time stamp inserted.

/ 5:43 AM 3/3/2019IT

So I have tried to identify what I had done in order to accomplish that .. and I am unable to determine how in the world I managed to get the current date and time inserted into notepad!

Any idea how this is accomplished?

I do not want alternate suggestions of using Notepad++ or this or that - I want to know how it is possible to do this in the standard Notepad - because somehow I managed to do it by accident.


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If you want to insert the date and time into Notepad, press F5.


In addition to the F5 method (which wrt your last paragraph I understand exactly answers your question), you can also use the auto-timestamp feature by starting the file with .LOG

This will ensure the timestamp is added each time you reopen and edit the file.

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    Last update 17 April 2018 and describes OS features ("Programs -> Accessories") that were last part of a Windows product almost 20 years ago. Nice! Mar 5, 2019 at 2:14
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    BTW this Notepad feature still works. Wow, I can imagine that being annoying if your arbitrary file happens to start with the line .LOG :D Mar 5, 2019 at 2:15

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