My desired scenario is to use the iPad as the Mac Mini's primary monitor when traveling. Just to make sure:

If I have an iPad + Luna dongle + Mac Mini with Filevault turned on, and I am at a place where the Mac has no prior internet connection (such as at a library or café), and I have no other monitor, then there is no possible way to log in to the Mac, and as such, I can’t use the iPad + Luna + Mac Mini with Filevault as a mobile alternative to a Macbook? Or would there be a way for the iPad to SSH in, e.g. using an ethernet dongle, and in that way activate the necessary app?

I'm assuming the answer is “unfortunately, no”, but I would like to hear from anyone who has solved this scenario; it would be hugely practical for me. Also open to other solutions than Luna's dongle.

(Alternatively, is there a convenient replacement available for FileVault just for the user's Documents folder?)

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    It's right there on your link... " *Luna Display requires a mac application to run. If you use FileVault, you’ll still need an external display to unlock your drive whenever you reboot." TBH, it's the same as using an unsupported GPU on Mojave - you can never see the pre-boot screen so you cannot use FileVault. – Tetsujin Mar 3 at 14:35
  • @Tetsujin I mostly agree, but I would assume that if I was on the home network I could login using SSH, and thus get things running? But that the pitfall is that I don't have a network? – bjornte Mar 3 at 15:26
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    How are you going to SSH into a machine that's still locked? You can reboot with FV authorisation [using sudo fdesetup authrestart ], but afaik, not from a cold boot. – Tetsujin Mar 3 at 15:35
  • @Tetsujin Again thanks for following up! I must admit I have little experience with SSH or remote login; this would be the first time I would use it in earnest in many years :-| – bjornte Mar 3 at 15:37

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