In the engineering disciplines int's nice to be able to have values formatted in easily readable engineering notation, where the exponent is a multiple of three. How can this be accomplished in Excel?


In the cell formatting options create a new custom type for ##0.0E+0.

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To display a value with prefixes instead, one might do some formula massaging and end up with e.g.

=LEFT(TEXT(A1;"##0.0E+0");FIND("E";TEXT(A1;"##0.0E+0"))-1) & MID("npum kMGT";5+VALUE(MID(TEXT(A1;"##0.0E+0");FIND("E";TEXT(A1;"##0.0E+0"))+1;100))/3;1)&"s"

... for a value in A1, that represents a time in seconds (as indicated by the last "s").

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