I have a custom file extension, and Notepad++ does some weird coloration to it by default. I want N++ to treat every file with this extension as "Normal Text" language. I know can where I would maybe change it from Settings > Style Configurator > Language, but "Normal Text" isn't listed in the list of languages.


The extension is presumably listed in the langs.xml file as an associated default extension for a particular language.

You can remove a default extension by opening the langs.xml file in the Notepad++ data directory. This directory depends on your settings, but is generally either in the same folder as the Notepad++ installation or in %APPDATA%\Notepad++.

As an example, the default extensions for ActionScript are listed in the ext field of the <Language name="actionscript"> element.

<Language name="actionscript" ext="as mx" commentLine="//" commentStart="/*" commentEnd="*/">

You can remove the extension by simply deleting it here, saving the file and then restarting Notepad++.

The one drawback about this is that you would likely need to repeat this step after any Notepad++ update that updates the langs.xml file.


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