OK so I compile the VB NET program, and at the deployment when it installs on some PC with Avast antivirus, the Avast stops it and checks it for 15 seconds. Then, on the program's first run, it does the same with the program: a 15-sec intercept then gives it the all-clear.

This post says to clear out the checkmark against the CyberCapture engine in the Avast - and in fact, this approach kind of works...


  • CyberCapture in Avast is enabled by default, I can't ask every person on every PC to uncheck it while running my programs
  • ONLY my VB NET programs get this treatment. NONE of the other software I have downloaded/installed in years gets "sandboxed" that way by Avast. This makes me think the culprit is not so much Avast but something else in my own process. What does VB NET compiler do to trigger this security check?

This is a serious issue that occurs every single time my program is re-installed.

Though eventually it is always given a green light, that 30-sec total (installer+program start) detention is unacceptable.


  • You probably should use a Code Signing certificate. Outside of that determine the block of code Avast doesn’t like – Ramhound Mar 6 at 11:01
  • Doubt this is a Cert issue... other (not mine) programs also have Unknown Publisher flag, yet the CyberCapture never kicks in on those... – boshap59 Mar 7 at 12:09

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