+ & 6

On pressing control+Y I want the actions of:
to be pressed on the keyboard.

The above doesn't work. I can't find where it says in any documentation or tutorial how to make this work. I want the solution in simplest terms possible, explain what each callup command does.

  • "autohotkey"; with y^6 I meant it to literally press the keys that would otherwise type those words out on the screen. – kite Mar 7 at 21:40
  • Send only types out text. i need key-presses. So if I was in a game or program and certain keys did certain things I need those keys to all chain together with the single press of (control+y) i.e. "^y". To do operations. In one instance I want this for a game. Pressing y in the game is the hotkey for chat. ^6 while chat is open will do a coloured text operation. So the intent is for the keybind in autohotkeys, that upon hitting "ctrl y" I'd want to open the chat box and initiate the coloured text command. – kite Mar 8 at 5:53
  • i just want the keypress in general. all they have available is that send thing, and send only outputs text not keypreses. I want to know the commands to output more than 1 keypress...anywhere. The simply command for making 1 key = another is there....what's the command to chain them so 1 key = 2?? – kite Mar 8 at 9:13

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