Within Firefox, I would like to see all network requests being made by Firefox.

Using Firefox developer tools works great for this. Just open the developer tools, click on Network, and there you go.

The problem happens when a site opens a link in a new tab. Because Firefox's developer tools seem to be attached to an individual tab, it only shows network requests for the original tab.

How do you view a log of network requests across tabs in Firefox?

EDIT: I thought that by opening devtools in their own window would allow this to work, but the network requests log still seems to be tied to the tab that originally opened devtools.

  • @dsstorefile1 Thanks. Do you know if it's the same logger as in uBO? The uBO logger is okay, but it doesn't show network requests made by other extensions or by the browser itself. I'm not sure if it even shows ones made by websockets. – RockPaperLizard Mar 7 '19 at 4:15

Disable new tabs

Navigate to about:config

browser.link.open_newwindow                      1
browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction          0
browser.link.open_newwindow.override.external    3

This way, whatever link you click that would ordinarily open a new tab will not, so you can see what it does in the network inspector. Then change these settings back to their defaults after.

Reference: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1190923

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