I'm new to this.

I'm doing an audit for a network, and will be drawing a network diagram for it.

I have got the IP address list using nmap scan, I can see about 5 networks.

The issue I'm facing is that I can't see my immediate ly connected router.

I tried tracert, and I get the first hop as an APIPA address, the second IP I believe is the ISP address.

I'm remotely doing this from behind a VPN, if that helps.

Could someone clarify where I'm going wrong, or what I might not be understanding.

Thank You


To find this out, determine the IP address of the VPN endpoint (you can look in the config file or go to whatismyaddress.com or similar) then disconnect the VPN and do a traceroute/mtr and it will show how the hops to that endpoint.

Alternatively if you know the non-vpn IP address and can find a test server on the same network (and with the same routing policies) as your vpn box, you can traceroute back from that System to your non-vpn IP address, which will show the path traffic returns on. Note the incoming and outgoing paths could be different and the IP addresses you see will be different in each direction - but very broadly speaking this will typically shiw the providers and links veing traversed.

  • Thanks, can I know if it would it be possible to know the gateway of each subnet with being a client in the subnet.. – Huud Rych Mar 8 at 21:04
  • I do not understand your comment. – davidgo Mar 8 at 21:08
  • Sorry, what I wanted to know was is it possible using nmap or any other tool to know what the gateway address of each subnet is, without being part of that subnet, for example, currently I can know only my gateway address, I cannot know what the IP address of the next subnet gateway is, I tried nmap, it does show the IP address but does not identify if the IP is a gateway.. – Huud Rych Mar 8 at 21:22
  • When using any variant of MTR or traceroute from your computer, each address (except the last one) which shows up is the gateway address. – davidgo Mar 8 at 21:25
  • A gateway us an address associated with the router that traffic goes through. By manipulating the TTL value.of packets, mtr/traceroute get the router en-route to the destination to reply. This reply comes from the gateway. – davidgo Mar 8 at 21:28

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