I'm only seeing a blinking cursor: "_" from the USB boot.

How do I install Windows Server 2012 to a RD 230 ThinkServer?

Rufus was used to create the USB thumb drive; GPT was selected.

Because I was getting "boot device failed", I tried from a Tiny Lenova.

It was quite simple to get a Lenova Tiny desktop to show a USB install drive:


and then proceed towards installing Windows Server 2012. (I didn't actually install Windows Server 2012 on a Tiny, just wanted to see the that the option was available.)

What BIOS settings would allow this from an RD230?

I've disabled Legacy Mode on the RD230 and selected the Kingston as the first boot device. There's a RAID controller as well.

(I'll update the question with pictures of the actual BIOS configuration.)

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