I am complete newbie in linux world and in work I'm ask to figure it out: Is it possible to change how linux recognise sata cdrom?

In particular: Is it possible to recognise sata cdrom as usb cdrom?

@grawity Windows 10 VM doesn't recognise CD-ROM, and only given workaround is to mount CD-ROM in folder which in windows is shown as HDD. Problem - I cann't write DVD. But when I borrow a USB DVD writer, Windows recognizes it and I can write in DVD matrix all that I need. But unfortunately it's not a cure. There's alot of PCs with this problem.

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    What practical difference would that make? – grawity Mar 8 at 14:29
  • monoprice.com/… A quick google search reveals hundred of results for "sata to USB" or "USB to SATA". These are so generic any linux will recognize them. I doesn't hurt to have a newer version of the kernel, but probably most will work. – cybernard Mar 8 at 14:34

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