recently i have downloaded a backup of my Instagram account ...

and the zip file contained a lot of ".json" files and i have no idea how to view

it like... the way that Instagram did

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I have no idea how to view it like... the way that Instagram did

Probably the best you can do is convert the JSON files into CSV files and use a spreadsheet to view them. See below for more information.

When you unzip Instagram’s data archive, you’ll see a folder that’s full of a bunch of ugly JSON files. You can open these up in a text editor to try and parse the raw information yourself, or you can copy and paste the contents of any JSON file into a site like this one, which converts the data into a CSV that’s slightly easier to read. (That’s all done within your browser, not server-side, so you aren’t shipping your data off to some unknown entity.)

The JSON files cover a lot of data:

  • Comments you’ve made to friends’ pictures (or replies to comments they’ve made on yours)
  • When you started following other Instagram users and when other Instagram users started following you
  • Who you blocked on Instagram (and when)
  • When you liked content from different users (not a list of the specific content you liked)
  • When you posted content to Instagram (and what your witty caption was)
  • All of the messages you’ve sent to other users using Instagram’s mobile apps
  • Your profile information
  • Searches you’ve made

Within the archive’s folders, you can also view much of the content you’ve uploaded to Instagram’s service, including:

  • What images you’ve sent others via direct messages
  • All of the Instagram photos you’ve uploaded
  • Instagram stories you’ve archived
  • Videos you’ve published to Instagram

Source What's in Your Instagram Data Dump and How to Get It

  • ♦ thanks this views it in a good way .... but i am waiting for a better answer ... if there isn't ....... yours is considered the best one till now – mina nageh Mar 8 at 18:34

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