I am moving from ubuntu to nixos. I would like to keep my previous home directory which is on another disk.

I installed nixos successfully. Then I added

fileSystems."/home" = {
  device= "/dev/disk/by-uuid/123...;
  fsType = "ext4";

to configuration.nix, which seems to mount the disk correctly.

However, I cannot login to kde with my user anymore. It is

users.users.manuel = {
  isNormalUser = true;
  uid = 1000; # all files in /home/manuel have uid 1000
  extraGroups = [ "wheel" "networkmanager ];

The group does not match:

> ll /home
drwxr-rxr-x 55 manuel 1000 4.0K Mar 7 16:58 manuel/

The user can login into console and also write into /home/manuel. But its home ~ is at /nix/store/1gr0...-manuel.

How can I fix this?

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