I need your help guys.

I have my kali virtual box image and its network is my created NAT network(NAT1)

I have my metasmploitable image and its network is my same created NAT Network(NAT1)

on metasploitable image, i type ifconfig and it gives me ip

Question 1)On kali machine, I can ping this ip, but can't access it on browser. why?

Question 2) I try to run the command : nmap -p0-65535 and it doesn't find any open ports. why?

Question 3) I try to use metasploitable community which finds exploits. I set it up and by using GUI interface, I scan and it says no services found and no vulnerabilities found. why?

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    This looks like a question about network and VM setup and not about security. It does not matter that you use Kali Linux for this. – Steffen Ullrich Mar 10 at 12:31

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