In a certain website, a JS script causes the Firefox browser in my computer to crash.

Stopping that script will allow me to access the website flawlessly, but I accidentally allowed it to keep running, and now the prompt won't appear again, so whenever I try to access that website, Firefox will crash.

I'd like to have the chance to revoke the permission on that script, so it will work from now on, but unfortunatelly, I havent found any way to do that.


If the site behaves differently than before you allowed JS, likely it left cookies or super-cookies. Clean out all cookies for that site from Tools | Options | Privacy & Security| Cookies and Site Data | Manage Data.

If you'd rather have a convenient extension to clean up cookies, you might try StoragErazor or Clear Browsing Data. Be careful to not clear passwords or other essential data.

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  • Thanks for the response, as said, It's not cookies related. There´s a script (webcomponents polyfill, I think) that I allowed.(don't ask me again) and I need the prompt again. See the same issue here: support.mozilla.org/es/questions/977994 – Dane411 Mar 10 '19 at 19:41

I found a workaround, rolling back to Firefox 42, allegedly a version that didn't implement that feature yet; then after updating the problem should be gone.

A reinstall though won't answer my question, will probably solve the issue.


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