I recently uninstalled the Keyboard and Mouse Drivers through Device Manager in Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 (because the keyboard keeps on typing on its own and muting the audio automatically). I also enabled the Restrictions for Other Polocies concerning devices under Group Policy Editor, hence, the drivers won't be reinstalled when the laptop restarts. The problem is I can no longer use the laptop since the mouse and keyboard are disabled and when I tried connecting an external mouse, it was not installed due to the restriction policy I set to Enabled. Your immediate response is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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    On a working computer download and create a Linux LiveCD. Boot to the LiveCD on your laptop and look at Modifying Windows registry from within Linux or do a Google search for "Windows registry Linux" which might help you with resetting the values you have changed by setting the group policy. – Mokubai Mar 10 at 21:23
  • Thanks I will try this one and keep you posted – IlanaWexler Mar 10 at 21:47

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