How do I copy/paste a formula in Microsoft Excel so that the exact formula, verbatim, is copied and pasted? That is, I don't want it to increment or use other logic to interpret how I want the pasted formula modified. I don't want the references updated or modified.

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    Method 3 (copying a formula exactly) from your link seems to do exactly what you need. Have you tried it? (also tried "alternate methods"?) – Máté Juhász Mar 11 at 20:01

1) Select the cell containing the formula

2) Highlight the formula's text in the Formula bar

enter image description here

3) Copy (CTRLC)

4) Press ESC

5) Select the cell where you want to paste the formula

6) Paste (CTRLV)


Another way is to write your formulas with direct references. Use $A$1 rather than A1. Or $A1 if you want only the number to increment but the column to stay the same, or vice versa (A$1).

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