Problem is, I don't have a work phone. But I would like to know when and where my appointments are on my private phone. I need a rule that does the following: - find all Outlook appointments - copy the subject and the location to a new appointment - send this appointment to a mail address

I hope you can help me.


Option A - Set up a forwarding rule.

The details might vary a bit by Outlook version, but here is how to do it in Outlook 2013.

  • File menu --> Manage Rules & Alerts.
  • E-mail Rules tab --> New Rule...
  • Start from a blank rule, Apply rule on messages I receive.
  • Next
  • Find and check "which is a meeting invitation or update".
  • Accept the warning about incompatibility with previous versions.
  • Find and check "forward it to people or public group".
  • Click on the "people or public group" link and select or create your external e-mail address as the recipient.
  • OK
  • Next
  • Select any exceptions.
  • Next
  • Give the new rule a name and select whether to run it on existing messages.
  • Finish!

Caution: Before implementing anything like this, you should talk to your Legal Department. Many regulatory and compliance requirements forbid the storage of company information on non-company devices and/or the forwarding of company e-mail to personal e-mail accounts.

Option B - Talk to your IT Department about the supported way to use your personal phone to check your business e-mail and calendar. They might have already implemented one or more solutions like Outlook Web Access, ActiveSync, Blackberry's Good for Enterprise, or Citrix's (XenApp) Secure Mail.

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