I have .zip file which has around 40,000 files.


  1. For the first it takes time to extract, fine no problem, but for the 2nd run should only extract files that are found to be changed than in zip. Just want to make extraction faster.
  2. Is there any option in 7z.exe that provides multithreading extraction.
  3. Any other python based code/executable?
  4. Same in linux based /usr/bin/unzip which is quite faster. It does the whole job in around 20-22sec, though it has -o option to overwrite. Any windows based solution which is equivalent to /usr/bin/unzip ?

What I have tried till -

  1. python:

  2. executables:

    powershell.exe Expand-Archive src.zip -DestinationPath dest_path
    7z x "src.zip" -o"dest" -aoa

All above defined approaches are taking a lot of time.

Don't want to use solution provided here Linux unzip command: Option to force overwrite? Reason: unzip is not freeware Any solution from some good guy is appreciated.

Please let me you if things are unclear.


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