I previously had the focused inbox in my outlook 2016 and then one day it mysteriously disappeared. And was replaced with something less practical than the old combined inbox where read and unread are in different areas.

The key difference between this and the other questions I've seen is that I had the inbox then it disappeared and I want to know the steps required to get it back. It still works on the portal website.

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All the documentation I've seen suggest checking the view ribbon to setup the focused inbox

View ribbon missing cannot select focused inbox

Configuration notes

  • Office 365 for business
  • The computer I'm using is on windows 7
  • Focused Inbox is available for Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook.com accounts in Outlook for Windows. You may go to the View tab and make sure the option of Show Focused Inbox is selected. See this link below for the discussion on a similar issue: social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/… – Yuki Sun Mar 14 at 1:58
  • The focused inbox option was previously there. The option for a focused inbox is no longer on the view tab. – user1605665 Mar 14 at 7:51
  • If you type "Focused Inbox" in the search bar, does it show the option? – music2myear Mar 15 at 14:47
  • Also, is this a business environment and do you have local IT? Have you checked to see if there was a recent patch to Outlook that may have made this disappear? Is your email account POP or IMAP, or is it Outlook.com, Office 365 Business, or Exchange 2016? – music2myear Mar 15 at 14:58
  • @music2myear its Office 365 for Business, I tried local it and did not get an answer. There is distributed ownership so it can be challenging – user1605665 Mar 15 at 23:44

One possible solution: Try to add Focused Inbox back to the View ribbon

Open File > Options > Customize Ribbon

Under Choose commands from select All Tabs and under Customize the Ribbon select Main Tabs.

In the column on the right, select View.

From the column on the left search under View for Focused Inbox and if you see it, select it and click the Add >> button in the middle to add it to the View section on the right.


My focused inbox was suddenly missing after an office update. I solved the problem by Quick repair the office package. (Settings/apps/office/modify - Quick Repair)

  • Can you elaborate a little further on how to get to quick repair? Was it from outlook, did you search in the start menu? was it through the folder structure. I don't know my way there. – user1605665 Apr 26 at 23:40
  • I went to Settings from the start menu.. – axel_ande Apr 27 at 18:33
  • what version of windows? – user1605665 Apr 27 at 21:38
  • I have Windows 10, Office built version 1808 – axel_ande Apr 28 at 4:46
  • Do you happen to know how to do the same thing in windows 7? – user1605665 Apr 28 at 23:40

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