Is there any way to access them online WITHOUT Chrome? I mean open some page in other browser and view them?

Or way to sync them to some service (like Raindrop or Palapy) not via file but through API?

I found only this page where you view stats but not bookmarks themselves.


As of today I could not Access my "Google Chrome Bookmarks" online without Chrome but there is a way around it.

  1. Goto https://myaccount.google.com/dashboard
  2. Under "Create a new archive" select only "Chrome"
  3. Click "Chrome --> All Chrome data included" and in the pop up window select Bookmarks.
  4. Click next step
  5. Select: Export type "One-time archive", file type .zip, Archive size 1GB
  6. Click Create Archive
  7. Now you should be able to Download/email link to a .zip file, which contains a file named "Bookmarks.html".

You can now use "bookmarks.html" file to import bookmarks in other browser, which you currently have access, to import chrome bookmarks.

Keep in mind https://www.google.com/bookmarks/ is different from the bookmarks you have in your chrome browser.

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