Windows 10 does manage to install the printer and I can print to it successfully. However, I do not get all of the options. I see this is Word: Basic printer dialog

For instance, I know there is functionality with this printer for "print and hold" which will allow me to send the document to the printer, but then go to the printer itself and log in, in order to print the document while I am there.

I need this functionality for when printing confidential documents.

The full UI should look like this according to the manual: Custom printer dialog, available at http://gdlp01.c-wss.com/gds/6/0300025656/03/iRADV_C5560_FAQ_EU_multi_2.pdf

The drivers page contains 52 available downloads for my OS/language combination and I have no idea what to install! https://www.canon-europe.com/support/products/imagerunner/imagerunner-advance-c5550i.html?type=drivers&language=en&os=windows%2010%20(64-bit)


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You should install the first entry in the list: Generic Plus PS3 Printer Driver V2.00.

The other downloads are for specialized rendering engines which are risky to use, or are for older versions (the latest is V2.00 from 28 February 2019).

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