Issue Summary

We are looking to display a screensaver on Windows 10 workstations BEFORE any users sign in, but updating screensaver settings in GPEDIT.MSC to force a screensaver does not seem to work

Issue Detail

We are Trying to use a custom screensaver to display a static web page as a screensaver for digital signage purposes. To meet security requirements, no user can be signed into Windows to display this page. We identified an open source screensaver product that allows web pages to be displayed as a screensaver, which would meet our needs, provided that the screensaver activates while no user is signed into the workstation.

We have set the group policies to enable the screen saver, force the use of a specific screensaver, and to set the screensaver threshold to only 60 seconds. When we sign out of the machine, the screensaver never activates unless the user signs in and the workstation times out.

Desired Outcome

With no user signed into the workstation, the PC should begin to display the screensaver set in the group policy editor under User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization and modifying the values for:

  • Force specific screen saver
  • Screen saver timeout
  • Prevent changing screen saver

Edit: We have attempted the advice on the following link and were unable to get the screen saver to load:


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    Does it have to be a static web page, or can it be a high-resolution image taken of the web page? What's the open source screensaver? Please Edit the question with these details. – Christopher Hostage Mar 14 at 17:52
  • @ChristopherHostage I found a solution to the problem and posted the answer here. Thanks for your feedback! – ProjectUnmanaged Mar 14 at 20:21

I got lucky with a Google search and ended up on this page:


The instructions there fixed the issue of the Windows 10 workstation failing to load the screensaver. We have additional technical difficulties to overcome, but those are associated with the custom screensaver product's design, not with Windows itself.

Edit: I am unable to select this an an answer for 2 days. I'll return Monday and update this post accordingly.

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