I can do the following:

sort -nbms file1.txt file2.txt

and it will merge the two already sorted files.

What I wish to do is take the output from two commands (its sorted) and pipe it in as input instead of file1.txt and file2.txt.

Is that possible?


Looks like a job for compound statements in shell. Like this:

{ command1; command2; } | command3

In bash you might also use the command redirection syntax:

command3 < <(command1; command2)

The above are a general examples which work for any command accepting input from stdin. In your case of course you want to place sort -nbms as "command3", and you might also use the process substitution syntax in place of each input file:

sort -nbms <(command1) <(command2)

This latter can be used with commands that, like sort, accept more than one input file or that don’t accept stdin at all.

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