I have an ASUS ROG G701VI, and in my power settings I've already changed it so that when the lid is closed the display should do nothing. However when I do close the lid (or even leave it open a few inches) the display still turns off. Upon opening it again, the display refreshes and flickers before turning back on completely.

I want to use Chrome remote desktop with this laptop with the lid closed, but with the display turning off I can't do anything.

How might I be able to prevent the display from turning off when the lid is closed?

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    Remote desktop should not be influenced by the local screen being dark. Screen displaying and the OS working are independant. – Aganju Mar 14 at 21:40
  • The problem is that when the local display is off I can still move the mouse but am unable to do anything else remotely. Upon opening the lid again, both refresh and then I am able to interact with the desktop. – orion Mar 14 at 22:11
  • Most laptops have a hardware switch that at very least controls the backlight, and more often controls all output to the screen. This switch operates independent of the OS or BIOS, and simply cuts the output. Remote desktop not working while the screen is off is most likely a different issue that is related, but should not be. As in, you should be able to Remote Desktop while the lid is closed just fine, and the problem isn't that the screen turns off, but that Remote Desktop isn't behaving as it ought. – music2myear Mar 15 at 21:23

At least one other possibility is that there is a BIOS setting that controls it. Based on a quick look at page 70 of the manual, it appears there is at least a "Wake On Lid Open" setting that is Enabled by default. You could try turning that off, or maybe if you hit F7 or poke around further, there are more settings that would cover the lid close case.

In case anyone reading this doesn't know, to get into BIOS setup, you generally press F2 soon after powering on the machine. (Checked that this is true for this machine.)

  • I've disabled that setting in the BIOS setup, but the problem persists. Is there another place where I might be able to see BIOS settings? That particular setting is the only one concerning the lid in the BIOS setup specifically. – orion Mar 14 at 22:07

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