I recently updated JetBrains WebStorm and I find myself unable to debug Node.JS scripts, debugging using Chrome seems to work fine, React-Native debugging works, but when I try to debug a Node script such as the following:

console.log("hello world");

where a breakpoint is set on the first line, the debugger never starts and returns the following message in the console:

C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe: Schneider\AppData\Local\Temp\debugConnector.183.5912.23.js is not supported in NODE_OPTIONS

It may be noteworthy to mention 2 things:

a) My username (Windows) contains a space,

b) I accidentally deleted the C:\Users\Jacob Schneider\.WebStorm2018.3 folder located in my home directory.

I've looked, even on the official bug list, but it doesn't seem to be known of, there isn't even a setting for it. Does anyone know how I can return the Node.JS debugging functionality?

Thank you.


Recreated, logged as WEB-37804. Please follow this ticket for updates.

As a workaround, please try disabling js.debugger.use.node.options key in Registry:

  • in Help | Find action, type Registry to locate it
  • in Registry, find js.debugger.use.node.options key, clear the checkbox next to it

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