Here is my brain dump:

I understand from here the process of OS bootup. It says that at step 7:

The boot record loads the initial system file (for example, for DOS systems, IO.SYS) into RAM from the diskette or hard disk.


  1. as quoted above, the boot record looks for the initial system file
  2. I understand from here and here that the kernel of the OS itself is stored in the file system.

It (1) and (2) gives an impression that the file system loads already before the actual OS. I am sure I am already missing and misunderstanding something here as it sounds too contradictory to have the file system load before the OS which (in turn in supposed to load and initialize its file system that is the file system is a part of the OS)

Request your thoughts in clearing:

  1. the understanding around the order in which the OS and the file system are loaded during the boot process
  2. the understanding around the point of the OS kernel files being stored on the file system (/boot or C:\Windows) when the file system itself is a part of the OS? I understand non-kernel files of OS being the part of the file system e.g. the DLLs etc. as they are meant for applications and not required during boot up. But how would one explain the very kernel file that is the OS being stored on the file system which I otherwise until now used to understand is loaded and initialized after the kernel is loaded

PS: Request the learned experts to sense the depth of knowledge I already (don't) have on the subject and accordingly answer to avoid confusing me further. Also, please avoid any (I) guess as I am here after all of that.

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