I have recently purchased a Lenova 330V Desktop PC because my previous PC died. I installed my 1TB HDD which contains all my files as well as my OS Linux mint, but I find that my search engine DDG loses it settings (automatically fill in forms etc) eveytime I switch the PC off. It happens on both Vivaldi and Firefox. Can anyone help? Thanks.

I only use DDG. Settings lost are: Instant answers, autoload, auto suggest, new window, adverts, keyboard shortcuts, etc, also, install DDG, privacy tips etc. The default for all these settings is 'ON' and I always select 'OFF' as I find them all to be very annoying. When I switch the PC off they all revert to 'ON' and when I boot it up, I have to go through them all again and click them off. It is most annoying! I used DDG on my old PC for a number of years and never had this problem. When you have changed the settings you click on 'Save & Exit'. It does not appear to be working.

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    Is it just DDG, and can you clarify what settings are lost? My understanding is that autofill is a browser feature rather than a search engine feature. – fixer1234 Mar 15 at 14:15

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