When connecting to a server with lftp, I have the following issue:

Certificate verification: Not trusted: no issuer was found (AA:AA:AA:[...]:AA:AA)

Which indicates at least that the cert verification failed. I would like to whitelist that certificate. Obviously, disabling certificate verification is not an option due to security concerns.

Here is what I already tried:

  • Following that guide to retrieve certs from the server, and use them with set ssl:ca-file. Following that guide, I have three certs. I tried them all, then concatenated together, which didn't change a thing. Also tried with ssl:cert-file.
  • using the same method as above with openssl s_client -connect my.server.tld:21 -starttls ftp, which yields only one certificate
  • setting ssl:ca-file to the system's ca store
  • using gnutls-cli works fine with the -s option, so do the above openssl s_client commands.

The certificate seems to be signed by a valid chain of trust, as far as those commands report.

Filezilla works fine, but displays the following warning, which might be related:

Server sent unsorted certificate chain in violation of the TLS specifications

I have no control over the server as I do not host it myself, but the greeter identifies itself as Pure-FTPd.

Other clients that didn't work (lack of support for ftps, or for the specific server): ftp, ncftp, dolphin (KIO), curlftpfs, tnftp, firefox


The only solution a year later is still to turn off ssl:verify-certificate for specific certificate fingerprints.

set ssl:verify-certificate/{fingerprint1} no
set ssl:verify-certificate/{fingerprint2} no

See lftp closed issue 214 -- https://github.com/lavv17/lftp/issues/214#issuecomment-197237482

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  • Thank you, this effectively whitelists the certificate, if I am not mistaken? – MayeulC Apr 7 at 14:50

What worked for me step by step with lftp:

  1. get certificate of host with openssl s_client -connect <ftp_hostname>:21 -starttls ftp, at the begining of result I got something like -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIEQzCCAyu.....XjMO -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  2. copy that -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIEQzCCAyu.....XjMO -----END CERTIFICATE----- into /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
  3. Into lftp configuration reference this certificate file adding to /etc/lftp.conf for systemwide set ssl:ca-file "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt"
  4. and then do your sync or whatever with lftp, on my case it is lftp -u "${FTP_USER},${FTP_PWD}" ${FTP_HOST} -e "set net:timeout 10;mirror ${EXCLUDES} -R ${LOCAL_SOURCE_PATH} ${REMOTE_DEST_PATH} ; quit"
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