Recently I've begun to see common pop-ups when visiting sites on which I do not have an account.

The pop-ups prompt me with my real name and Google sign-in email, which is being provided either by being signed in to Google/Gmail or being signed in to the desktop Chrome browser.

Sign in to example.com with Google

Your Name

To create your account, Google will share your name, email address, and profile picture with example.com. By continuing, you agree to example.com's privacy policy and terms of service.

The functionality providing this seems to be "Google YOLO" and/or "One-tap sign-up and automatic sign-in":

One-tap sign-up and automatic sign-in


You can provide seamless authentication flows to your users with Google's one-tap sign-up and automatic sign-in APIs.

With one-tap sign-up, users are prompted to create an account with a dialog that's inline with your page's content, so they're never taken out of context by a sign-up page. With just one tap, they get a secure, token-based, passwordless account with your service, protected by their Google Account. And, of course, since there's such little sign-up friction, users are much more likely to register.

I frequently see the pop-up, obscuring the content, when I follow a link to Medium.com. "Sign in to medium.com with Google"

Sign in to medium.com with Google:

It is also being added to other random websites across the internet:

Sign in to WEBSITE with Google:

I don't object in principle to using my Google account to sign up for a service, but I do not want these pop-ups obscuring the site contents on page load.

This pop-up feels like a "notification" from Chrome, prompting me to use my signed-in Chrome account. It appears to be something I should be able to disable, like Chrome notifications, in my local copy of my web browser software.

Or, if not a Chrome browser notification, it also feels like something I should be able to disable from my Google account settings.

How do I disable these pop-ups and ensure they are not shown on any website? Settings-type changes preferred over content blockers, if possible.

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    It’s not Chrome, that much is certain. They’re actually part of the website. – Daniel B Mar 18 at 5:40
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    Thank you for your question. I was about to do it. It's so annoying. I don't know why Google supports this kind of intrusive feature. – atulkhatri May 9 at 9:56

In your Adblocker, block all content from smartlock.google.com. That will be the end of these popups.

This popup is provided by a Google service website owners can select to integrate on their websites.

  • I will change the accepted answer if anyone knows how to do this via a Setting / Preference in Chrome or in your Google Account. – pkamb Oct 2 at 22:30

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