I have an older Raspberry PI with LibreElec and KODI Krypton installed on it. I only use it to play MP3 files that I have ripped from my collection of 300+ CDs. I generally leave the device running 24/7 and just turn a CD player that is connected to the PI via an 'auxiliary in' jack when I want to listen to music.

I have installed an add-in which loads the playlist that I have selected and starts playing it upon booting up the device. I have created a number of playlists and they all seem to work fine.

I recently created a monster playlist that goes thru about 80% of the catalog on a genre-by-genre basis. I forget the exact number of files in the playlist, but it is probably around 2500. Not surprisingly, the playlist never seems to complete. After playing for a day or three, it will finish playing a random MP3 file, pause and then I will hear the tone that indicates the bootstrap operation is underway. The playlist will then restart from the beginning.

  • Have I hit a hard limit of KODI and should I just make smaller playlists, or should I be looking into another explanation, such as a corrupted MP3 file or bad data in the playlist?
  • If further troubleshooting is possibly fruitful, what strategies might anyone suggest, bearing in mind it seems to take at least 24-36 hours of playing in order to reproduce the issue?

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