I know there are questions about this that already exist, but none of them work for me.

I had this all working fine, and recently similar apps have been grouped again. In an attempt to track down which switcher is doing this, I've done the following:

  • Disable "Ubuntu Unity plugin" in ccsm
  • Disable "Application Switcher" in ccsm
  • Disable "Static Application Switcher" in ccsm
  • Disable the alt-tab key binding in settings->keyboard->shortcuts->Navigation->Switch Windows

Weirdly, if I set "Switch windows of an application" to alt+tab, I get the following warning:

  • The "Switch windows of an application" shortcut has an associated "Switch to previous window of an application" shortcut. Do you want to automatically set it to "Shift+Alt+Tab"? "Shift+Alt+Tab" is currently associated with "Switch to previous window", this shortcut will be disabled if you move forward.

If I click "cancel", it assigns the shortcut anyways, and then shift+alt+tab gives me the behavior I want, only backwards. Alt+tab still groups windows. I've read through all of the keyboard bindings in the keyboard settings, and cannot find a single one bound to shift+alt+tab.

Edit: If I then rebind to "Switch windows", the switcher displays as I want. I don't really know how this happened, but I guess it works now, so I'm happy.

Second Edit: This is causing issues again, putting the laptop to sleep and/or plugging in a thunderbolt caused the issue to reappear. Resetting it like I did earlier did not work and now I am stuck in grouped switcher

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