I am working with a group of very complicated offset formulas. I need to see which cells they reference (excel visually highlights the cell off of which the offset is based). The offsets are to a large degree, so I can't manually use my mouse or arrow keys to navigate to them. I can use the cell() function to find the answer - by manually pasting the full offset() formula into the second argument of the cell() function. However this is onerous, and I am working with hundreds of such offset formulas, and I dont have time to manually paste all of them.

Manually, if I type cell("address", OFFSET(D50, 5, 5)) it works fine.

I can get the offset formula alone using formulatext(A1). However, the following fails: cell("address", formulatext(A1)). Even if I use an additional cell to store the result of formulatext(), that still doesn't work.

Is this possible for the cell() function?

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    You can if you extract the three values that must be passed to the OFFSET function ( D50, 5 and 5) and then use INDIRECT-- it's going to be a long, messy formula and I have to wonder why you'd want to do that to yourself. – cybernetic.nomad Mar 18 '19 at 19:24
  • sorry, whats the more elegant solution to which you refer? – Bjorks number one fan Mar 18 '19 at 19:25
  • I don't make a reference to a more elegant solution... – cybernetic.nomad Mar 18 '19 at 19:41
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    You may want to explain what exactly you are trying to do as I think we are approaching XY problem territory – cybernetic.nomad Mar 18 '19 at 19:45
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    rather than seeking help for the solution you are trying to implement, perhaps share a concise subset of the workbook along with a sample of the desired result. Use images, sample input data that can be copied and a description of the transformation from the provided text sample input to the mocked up desired result image. – Ted D. Mar 19 '19 at 5:03

Idea : generate offset() function parameter using cell B2,B3&B4, then generate the row & column number, re-find it using A1 as reference.

1st let type in "D50"(text) into B2, 5 into B3, then 5 into B4. let B1 have =ROW(OFFSET(INDIRECT(B2,TRUE),B3, B4)) and C1 have =COLUMN(OFFSET(INDIRECT(B2,TRUE),B3, B4))

then in the cell formula.. change it to =CELL("address",OFFSET($A$1,$B$1-1,$C$1-1)) .

p/s : This will need you to type in the D50, 5, 5 only once.. note that the cell() formula is the same throughout the sheet.

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