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My macbook has 16GB RAM, but when I check my computer's total bytes with NodeJS or Go it reports 17179869184 bytes.

If I look at Google's calculator (e.g. do a google search "convert bytes to gb") it says:

  • For GB divide bytes by 1e+9
  • For MB divide bytes by 1e+6

The Google search calculators therefore give 17.179869184 GB and 17179.869184 MB.

However I've also seen the formula as:

  • For GB divide bytes by 1024 / 1024 / 1024
  • For MB divide bytes by 1024 / 1024

Which results in 16384 MB and exactly 16GB.

Which calculation is correct? Is my macbook 16GB or 17GB? Thanks.

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    Your MacBook has 16GB of RAM. Binary prefix was created to remove confusion. Gibibyte is the correct term in SI system. In computer world this is still called Gigabyte. – Aulis Ronkainen Mar 19 at 20:22
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  • Ah of course! Thought it would be something simple. Thanks & feel free to answer or close as dupe I lack the power – Dominic Mar 19 at 20:26

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