My Macbook pro is the late 2017 version with touch bar and the OSX is Mojave.

I used a windows tools NIUBI to extend my bootcamp partion. The tool showed unallocated space, so I wipe the unallocated space and extended the boot-camp partition successfully. When I try to boot back to my OSX, I realised the unallocated space was actually the OSX main partition. The data in OSX is certainly not recoverable but I want to retain the boot-camp installation without re-install windows.

I use the NIUBI inside the windows environment to create a new partion for OSX. Then I use Command-R trying the install the OSX, the partition was grey out, and I am not able to select the new partition created by NIUBI which is a windows tool.

The disk utility also don't allow me to select the partition and I cannot format the partition.

Any suggestions or comments:

In windows environment, I am able to initialize the un-allocated partition to 0 and 1s like a new drive. Does this step help the OSX recovery tool or disk utility tool to recognize the partition so that I can reformat the partition to disk journalized for installation of Majave .

Any other suggestions to help me detect the partition or re-install the OSX WITHOUT destroying the boot-camp data and also bootable for both OS are highly apprecaiated.


Golden rule - don't ever attempt to work on the partitioning from inside Windows. It doesn't realise it's being fooled into thinking it's in charge.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager might be able to fix it, or at least let you clone the Bootcamp volume to another drive then restore after you reformatted the drive, but don't get your hopes up.

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