I have a folder which have setuid and setgid set, like this:

drwsrwsr-x 2 max   testgrp 4096 mars  20 23:57 .

I have also 2 users test1 and test2, members of testgrp group

When I create a file with one of this user I would like owner to be max as I have set the setuid bit with this owner in the folder, but instead the owner is the file creator, group is preserved

-rw-r--r-- 1 test2 testgrp    0 mars  20 23:57 testfile

Is it the normal behaviour and I have to deal with another option?

  • Wikipedia says "the setuid permission set on a directory is ignored on most UNIX and Linux systems". I'm not going to make this my answer because "citation needed". – Kamil Maciorowski Mar 20 at 23:38

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